Back In Black: Wilson Introduces Countervail Tech To Its Pro Staff Line

Over a year ago, we told you about Wilson rolling out their new Countervail technology for the racquets endorsed by Serena Williams and Milos Raonic. A refresher: “Countervail (CV) makes a product that essentially cancels vibration without effecting the feel or power of a racquet. The product has been used in the defense industry and is now finding applications in consumer products.” In tennis racquets CV maximizes a player’s energy, reduces muscle fatigue and shortens recovery time.

Pro Staff lovers, your wish has come true. Wilson is now bringing Countervail to the classic Pro Staff line. The Black Edition Pro Staff 97 CV and 97L CV include a clean, understated matte paint finish, chrome touches and laser engraving – like you see on the Federer frame, the RF 97. The models are designed for those with an attacking style of play ( read: these are not good choices for beginners).

You can learn more about the racquets via the links we’ve set up here or the video below. So sleek. Sooo stylish. MSRP $239 USD.

Wilson Pro Staff 97 Countervail Black
Find it: TW/USATW/Europe

Black Edition Pro Staff 97 CV and Pro Staff 97L CV

Braided Graphite construction delivers a pure, classic feel.

Black Edition Pro Staff 97 CV and Pro Staff 97L CV
Video on the racquet:

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