Wilson Tennis Creates “Battle Of The Sexes” Retro Gear

By now many tennis fans have seen the new movie Battle of the Sexes, about the famous 1973 Billie Jean King/Bobbie Riggs tennis match. (You can read more about BJK’s dress style here.) You can get that dress and you can get yourself something that reminds of the milestone match.

Wilson Tennis has released a trio of products designed with Battle of the Sexes in mind and will donate 50% of the proceeds  to support the Women’s Sports Foundation and its programs.

Women’s Battle of the Sexes Commemorative T-shirt

This shirt features a design by New York-based illustrator Kali Ciesemier. This women’s cotton/poly blend T-shirt comes in heather gray. We contacted Kali and asked her about the design. “Wilson approached me asking to use my art after seeing the original Battle of the Sexes illustration I made for the Bleacher Report’s ‘Transcend: Moments in Sports that Changed the Game‘,” she said. “I wrote a blog post about the illustration process, including some unused sketches, and the original illustration is also available as a poster from the Creative Action Network.” More details here.

Billie Jean King 1.0

This design was created by BJK herself on the Wilson Custom Racket Shop.

There’s an interesting back story here. When she was 11, BJK saved up enough money to buy her very first Wilson tennis racket. She went to Brown’s Sporting Goods on Atlantic Avenue in Long Beach, California (with a whole $8.29 in her pocket) and fell in love with a purple racket, and had it strung with purple string. She loved this racket so much she slept with it every night.

Well, you can have the purple racquet- prices start at $249.99 (depending on what racket model is selected from the Wilson Custom Racket Shop.) More details here.

Billie Jean King 1.0

Battle of the Sexes Limited Edition Duffle Bag

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