This Tennis Ball Can Is Not What You Think!

A can of tennis balls? It’s actually the HSP-60 PRO, a wireless speaker  – no balls.  It comes packed in an original HEAD tennis ball tube making it a perfect gift for tennis lovers (especially those that play with HEAD equipment).

HEAD speaker in tennis ball can

Fully charged, the 7.07″ x 2.56″ x 2.36″ speaker (180 x 65 x 60 mm) offers 24 hours of true wireless stereo sound. You can also use the included cord to play if you do not have Bluetooth.

It can be paired with a second HEAD wireless speaker but the sound from one is terrific for an average size room or at the bench for warm up music. Keep the can to protect the speaker when you tote it around but it will actually fit in any tennis ball can if you lose it.

Such a great gift for tennis lovers! We are thoroughly enjoying the sample we were sent.