Beginning Tennis | Selecting The Right Tennis Racket

If you’re a beginner your tennis racket choice might not seem particularly important just yet. As long as you have the proper grip size and a relatively modern racquet, you can more or less play with whatever you happen to have. This is true enough, but it’s also true that finding the right racket for your own comfort, playing style, and general preferences can genuinely up your game.

tennis racket

Here are a few ways to sort through the huge variety out there:

Demo A Few Different Brands and Models

Consult An Instructor

Your  regular tennis coach can be a big help in identifying a racket for you.  Don’t have a coach? More people seem to be getting into one-on-one coaching situations these days, and it’s thanks in part to some internet tools that have arisen that make it easier to find an instructor. Play Your Court’s description of one such service mentions the ability to find “tailored instruction” unique to each individual player and their specific goals. But this doesn’t just involve technique, a skilled instructor should also be able to look at your playing style and recommend a type, size, and possibly even brand of racket.

Use A Guide

Many online retailers have racquets categorized for beginners. Check out the offerings that have been picked for you by those in the know. Doing so may save you a lot of time and frustration.

Use A Tool

You can also use an online tool designed to automatically filter rackets according to your own answers to questions about your game. Head’s selector tool is pretty effective, asking questions like what your most common errors are (into the net, long, etc.) and what sort of stroke you hit (flat or spin). Even though this only pertains to one brand this is perhaps the easiest way to get a quick gauge for the type of racket you might want to look for to up your game.

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