Cool RF Gear Benefits The Roger Federer Foundation

Tennis Warehouse and the Roger Federer Foundation have partnered to offer up some top quality FedGear, with all proceeds benefiting the foundation. Some of these items are signed by The GOAT himself.  If you hadn’t heard about his foundation, let Roger tell you himself:

“I believe in the power of people. They might only need some initial empowerment. We know that a good education empowers children by allowing them to take their future into their own hands and play an active part in shaping it. And we trust in the best will of parents that they want to ensure the best possible opportunities for their children. For more than 12 years my Foundation has therefore been committed to enable parents and local communities in providing these children with the opportunity for a good education. We aim to reach a million children by 2018.”

So let’s see what we have here — this is just a sampling, check Tennis Warehouse’s USA and European sites for other items. Each site offers a slightly different selection. But it’s all good, all Fed, and all for a good cause. Let’s begin, shall we?

Roger Federer Autographed US Open 2013 Polo – DK Blue

Autographed by Federer, this Nike Premier RF Polo was included in his player bag during the 2013 US Open. Made specifically for Federer, the right chest features his autograph where he also noted the year, 2013, and the location, NYC. There is a swoosh on the left chest and the RF monogram on the left sleeve. (This one is USA only. Click here.) Across the pond, the TW Europe site has a spiffy Nike RF polo from Indian Wells you might like and there’s an Australian Open shirt in the Australia shop – natch)


Roger Federer Autographed Australian Open 2016 Shoe R

Custom made for Roger Federer, this is one of the Nike Vapor 9.5 Tour shoes included in his players bag at the 2016 Australian Open. This right shoe has been autographed by Roger himself. Roger made it to the semi-finals where he lost to Novak Djokovic in four sets. It does not come with an insole as Roger adds his own to his shoes. (Click here for the right shoe on TW USA and here for the left shoe on TW Europe.) There’s even more gear in the Australian shop as well.

Roger Federer Autographed Australian Open 2016 Shoe R


Roger Federer RF Foundation Large Logo T-Shirt


Roger Federer Autographed Hat – White/Green

PeRFect for any Federer Fan, this hat has been autographed by Fed. The monogram hat features RF embroidered on the face of the hat, while Federer is embroidered on the back. A velcro strap makes this hat easy to adjust and will fit most people. The hat is new and has not been worn. (Click here for TW USA ,  here for TW Europe and here for Australia).

Roger Federer Autographed Hat - White/Green


Roger Federer RF Foundation Notebook – Gold

At the end of the list, something I can afford. Specifically designed by for the Roger Federer Foundation, this notebook features an embossed RF logo on the front and has ample pages for notes (maybe post lesson or match tips). Complete with an elastic band to keep the notebook closed, this is a great item or gift for any Federer fan!

Show your support for educational projects in South Africa and Switzerland with the purchase of this RF Notebook. (Click here for TW USA ,  here for TW Europe and here for Australia.)

Roger Federer RF Foundation Notebook - Gold

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