Cameras shrink into wearable tech with U-HWK

Wearable tech grows on, or shrinks in the case of the camera. The U-HWK Show is a small sports action camera you wear that allows you to capture in-game, point of view footage via incorporation in your equipment. We all know Go Pro, true but the U-HWK camera is smaller, more compact, and mounts unobtrusively on sports equipment so it can be used during play – pretty cool viewing field or ice action from the player point of view.

So tennis… Tennis players can wear the camera headlamp-style (see below) via a strap worn like a standard tennis headband. Admittedly, sports involving helmets have it a little easier.


The U-HWK is inspired by the training models followed by fighter jet pilots, giving athletes the ability to re-evaluate their in-game decision making in order to provide new solutions for performance and preparation.

We already have the devices for looking at strokes, spin and more (Babolat’s POP for ex.). The U-HWK may offer a new way of examining tennis movement, shot selection, head positioning and more.

The camera is simple to install, curved and easily removable to charge and/or download video via USB.

U Hawk camera


“We have seen consistent advances in the way athletes prepare themselves physically to optimize performance,” says Shea Kewin, co-founder of the camera’s maker U-HWK.  “Athletes today are better prepared physically but still have limited options available to them for mental or cognitive training, and this is the skill that wins or loses games. The U-HWK Show amplifies skill sessions and post-play video analysis along with highlight reels that boost confidence, especially in young athletes…”

U-HWK is not on the market yet and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for its first run of manufacturing. Go take a look. It’s intriguing.

To learn more go to or visit the Kickstarter campaign.