Tennis on eBay, Volume 2

Back with another edition of vintage tennis finds from the pages of eBay. First up, this terrycloth-like Borg shirt from Fila.


Despite what the ad says, this isn’t a T. This is a regular cut tennis shirt, and it felt unlike any other shirt I ever wore. It was a bit oversized and floppy, a far cry from the usual second-skin Fila feel, so to speak. The matching shorts had matching terrycloth inserts in the pockets.


These Andre Agassi shirts from Nike were part of their Challenge Court line from the late 1980s.

This Le Coq Sportif tennis racquet from the 1980s was endorsed by Roscoe Tanner.

From the true antique department- the T2000 Wilson racquet which made Jimmy Connors a lot of money.

Late in his career, though- Connors tried other brands, including Slazenger, Prince (he still uses an old Mono) and this frame from Estusa.

$_57 (1)

Boris Becker recently renewed his partnership with Puma- here’s what his late 1980s Puma shorts looked like.

$_57 (2)

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